We’re Going to Amsterdam!


Ben and I are so excited to share our news with you today!

This summer we began the process of applying for a three-month internship in Amsterdam with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), without really knowing if it would even come together. We were thrilled to find out several months ago that not only were we accepted, but Ben’s work agreed to let him work remotely–as in, work from Amsterdam! Since then, everything has begun to fall into place, and we can’t wait to head there in the end of March.

While in Amsterdam, we’ll both be living on the YWAM base and part of the community there. Jenna will be attending a six-week seminar called SHINE, which focuses on the global sex trade and the Christian response. She will then spend the next six weeks in an internship with YWAM’s Lighthouse Ministry, which builds relationships and shares Christ’s love with women in the Red Light District.

We don’t know too much more yet about what that will look like specifically, but the details are beginning to come together more and more every month. If you have any questions or would like to talk about it more with us, we’d love to share what we know!

A lot of people have begun asking us about fundraising, and whether we will be asking for support. We’re excited to say that no, we won’t need to do any fundraiser for this trip, as Ben will be working and still earning a regular salary. However, the Lighthouse staff and ministry have several needs that they have given me permission to share with anyone interested. If you would like to donate towards these needs instead, let me (Jenna) know and I would be happy to get that information to you! They have such a heart for the Lord, and we’re excited to serve and bless them as well as the city of Amsterdam.

We’ll be continuing to post updates, prayer requests, and other info here as it gets closer! Stay tuned!

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