Pay Attention

In case any of you read my last post and said, “Wait a minute, I thought she said that she’s learning to value being over doing. It sure looks like there’s a lot of doing in this article to me.”…

well, never fear. In selfless consideration of your time (ha), I have split my thoughts, as usual, into several more posts of more readable length. So here we go:

In my last post, I claimed, “The biggest secret I have found in seeing the world as holy ground is this: pay attention.”

Today I wanted to focus not just on paying attention when it comes to doing justice, but in seeking out the heart of God. His desire for us, beyond anything else, is for us to know Him deeply, love Him fully, and worship Him purely. Justice, and all other actions in our lives, are simply the results that flow from this. The whole “being” over “doing” thing.

So how do we cultivate a heart that knows, loves, and worships God?

I would argue that the same answer is true again: pay attention.

Have you ever lived a day–even an hour–fully and completely in the moment? If you have, you’ll know that when you do a mysterious thing happens. These moments, which we normally let fly right by without notice, suddenly develop a weightiness to them. There is a depth, a richness, a sacredness to this space of time.

This is space where we meet God.

This is the space where we breathe deep and become fully aware of His presence in the midst of our daily lives. Where we remind ourselves that we are the Beloved of God, because through Christ we have become sons and heirs. Where we delight in the reality of our perfect and holy God, whose character and commands guide us without fail. Where we remember our full reliance on Him for every breath.

And the best part is, this space can be anywhere. These sacred pauses can be while waking up in the morning, or brushing your teeth before you go to bed tonight. They can happen driving to work, or picking up the kids from school. They can happen in the midst of a conversation with a friend, or wherever you suddenly have a sense that you’re sharing this moment with Christ.

To be honest, this can be even harder for me than paying attention to the people around me. My mind is so easily distracted, so easily consumed by my problems and my to-do list. But on the rare occasions I am able to fully and completely enjoy a few moments with Him, I never leave them the same. I find myself hungry for more of these moments and the joy, peace, and richness they bring.

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!

How unsearchable his judgments,

and his paths beyond tracing out!

For from him and through him and for him are all things.

To him be the glory forever! Amen.

-Romans 11:33 & 36

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