One Week in Amsterdam

“Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.”

The square we visited for Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in this beautiful city a week now. We have seen so much, learned so much, and met so many amazing people. We have walked countless cobblestone streets, seen more delicious pies than we could possibly consume, eaten a LOT of bread and cheese, and heard a lot of heartbreaking stories as well. But my heart is hopeful for the  city of Amsterdam, as we have already heard many stories of restoration as well.

This week we spent the majority of our class sessions discussing a foundational theology of justice, and focusing on personal (especially spiritual/emotional) health. It’s true that “hurting people hurt people,” and I personally have come away with a greater sense of the important role my health plays in the healing of others. We’ve also been learning a bit more about the specific situation here in Amsterdam–their three main red light districts, what ministries are already here, an overview of human trafficking globally, etc. It’s interesting to me that although Amsterdam’s Red Light District is often described as a place where Dutch women willingly choose to work, there are only a few Dutch women among the hundreds of women represented here.

In the coming weeks we’ll be continuing to learn so much–we have a schedule packed full of speakers who come from many different organizations and backgrounds. Emotionally, I think it may be difficult to be so immersed in a subject that at times can seem so dark. Yet today as we celebrate the Resurrection, I am reminded once again of our beautiful God who brings life out of death, new green growth out of the dark, heavy earth. Our God is a good, trustworthy, and absolutely limitless God. Only this firm foundation can bring us all through the next five weeks with hope, joy, and compassion for all those involved in the buying and selling of human beings.

Thank you all so much for your prayers so far! I have seen them make a huge difference as we begin the seminar. Please continue to pray for our team as we walk through these next five weeks. Prayers for Ben and I are always appreciated as well, as we continue to ask God what role he wants us to play in this work. And of course, pray for the city of Amsterdam–that the brothels and many other places would continue to be redeemed, one cafe and cheese shop at a time!

I’ll finish off this post with a few photos from the week. 🙂 Tot ziens!

2 thoughts on “One Week in Amsterdam

  1. Dear Ben & Jenna,
    We love reading your posts. Fills like we are almost there with you. How excited we are for this glorious adventure God has planned for you. To be lights in the darkness. We sense your servant’s hearts and your love for those in bondage. God will be your strength. We are proud of you and are praying for you. We will continue to “follow” your posts. Love & Prayers, Mema & Papa


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