Not Up to You

Dear You,

The one with the big dreams and all the big uncertainties.

The one who feels like she’s failed.

The one who sees what things could be, yet it feels so out of reach.

The one who looks back with “if only”s.

The one who fears she’ll never be good enough, strong enough, smart enough, funny enough. 

I just wanted to write today and remind you of the most wonderful truth of all:

It’s not up to you.

Let that sink into your heart today.

It, whatever “it” is–the big dream, the silent wish, the aching desire, the bigger or better or more beautiful life. It’s not up to you.

It’s not up to your goodness, your wisdom, your love, your success.

It’s not up to your smartness, your silliness, or your well-balanced emotional state.

The Spirit of Christ lives within each of us whom He sealed as a guarantee of our adoption as children of God.

He is working in the world in ways that are grander, bigger, and more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

He has chosen us as His children, not because of who we are, but because of who He is.

We can never live up to His goodness and love. We simply have to accept it with thanksgiving.

May this birth in us a grateful humility that brings true rest. May our hearts be both soft & vulnerable towards this hurting world, and strong in generosity & love.

Because when we’re freed from the pressure of feeling like it’s all up to us, we’re free to give our lives away knowing He will meet us there.

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