Merry Christmas from the Funkhousers!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

Like many of you, this year has been full of cancelled plans, shifting emotions, anxiety and grief. But as we look back on this year, we also want to celebrate all the moments of joy and grace that have been present right through the midst of it.

2020 was a hard year. But it was also…

  • The year we explored our own neighborhood and discovered all sorts of hidden treasures
  • The year we leveled up on our brunch making and homemade pizza baking and tried so many new recipes (we’re looking at you, eclairs!)
  • The year we bought a radio and started planning parts of our weeks around programs on the classical station
  • The year we reconnected with many friends around the world
  • The year we saw people having new and fresh conversations around community justice and flourishing
  • The year we walked and biked everywhere and turned every social event into a picnic
  • The year we made new international friends by staying put
  • The year we encountered Mother Maria of Paris
  • The year we started buying more of our groceries at the farmer’s market
  • The year Jenna had enough time to finish writing and publish a book, which she never thought she would do.
  • The year Ben learned how to carry a two-week supply of groceries home by bicycle
  • The year we picked up new craft hobbies, from calligraphy to textile design
  • The year we leaned to pray the words of Mary: “I am the servant of the Lord. Let it be to me as you have said.”

We pray that as you look back on this past year, you too can discover new seeds that were planted in the deep furrows and rocky soil. May you find yourself accompanied by a God who is as close as our very breath, who gives us these very current and ordinary circumstances as our school of life and love.

Merry Christmas!

“Of course it does no good to recognize this in a merely intellectual way. Knowing Christ loves us may not save us from fear, nor will it save us from death. And so it comes down to this: the only way to truly overcome our fear of death is to live life in such a way that its meaning cannot be taken away by death.

“This sounds grandiose, but it really is very simple. It means fighting the impulse to live for ourselves, instead of others. It means choosing generosity over greed. It also means living humbly, rather than seeking influence and power. Finally it means being ready to die again and again – to ourselves, and to every self-serving opinion and agenda.”

Johann Christoph Arnold

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