Announcement: There are suitcases in my kitchen!!!


This weekend we are finally starting packing, which I have been waiting for what seems like forever. In case you didn’t know this fun fact about me, I LOVE packing. And I especially love the going new places part of the deal.

I also just love the freedom that comes from living out ofa suitcase and having so much less stuff to deal with. Ben and I have worked hard this year at simplifying and getting rid of excess stuff laying around, but we’re still not even remotely close to the “everything I own fits in two suitcases” scenario. For one thing, we happen to love books and coffee mugs too much.

Probably the most difficult part of packing for most people, and also the part I most love, is that it forces you to make so many choices. For the average person I know, we can’t fit our entire wardrobe, or shoe collection, or library of books into a suitcase. We’re forced to choose–which books would I really read on this trip? How many pairs of shoes should I bring? Do I really need my computer AND my tablet?

In a way, it would be nice if occasionally we were called upon to make these kind of decisions with the rest of our lives as well. Ultimately, when we choose what to pack and what to leave behind, it’s a matter of priority. What do I value most? What do I find most necessary?

This week I want to take the time to “declutter”–to ask these questions of my own heart. To sweep away the to-do list long enough to remind myself what’s really important as we begin this journey–and whatI might have to leave behind.

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