In Amsterdam!

Well friends, we made it! As I write this, I’m sitting in a very cute and comfy little room that we’ll call home for the next 3 months. It’s still hard to believe we’re really here, after thinking about this trip for so many months! Not being able to read any of the signs, labels, or menus will be a good reminder, however. Other things we’ve learned so far include how to not get run over by lightrail trains, cars, OR bicycles, and the fact that their grocery stores only accept cash (thank you mr. nice man who gave us 55 cents!). Thankfully the “locals” have been even more friendly and good-natured than we expected as we navigate an unfamiliar town and culture.

We’ve gotten a chance to settle in here a bit before the seminar starts in just a few hours. Ben has a nice little desk to work at, and I can already tell that I’m going to have a great time with the fellow students I’ve been meeting. Both of us are feeling so blessed to be here among people with this shared passion and to be living in a closer-knit community again. When we arrived to our room, with a little welcome note and snacks on the table, we felt so much like we were back in college again!

Another incredible blessing was the chance to visit two very good friends in England before arriving here in Amsterdam. Not only did we have a chance to get over our major jet-lag before moving on to Amsterdam, but it was wonderful to see them again and have a few adventures together in the process. Below are a few pictures from the week–you’ll notice that we had incredibly sunny and non-rainy weather almost every day! Unfortunately that strain of luck has run out in Amsterdam, meaning we are feeling right at home in a whole bunch of wind and rain. 🙂

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